About us


We have been managing shops, residences, offices and business premises for more than 4 decades, in Rotterdam and far beyond. From Leeuwarden to Venlo. Each building is different, each tenant is different and each environment is different. Through our many years’ practical experience, we adequately respond to every situation that occurs. Hands on and very Rotterdam-like and therefore not from behind the desk. Real estate management has many aspects: commercial, legal, administrative, technical (regular maintenance, change maintenance, renovations and transformations) and from an insurance point of view. If you wish, we will arrange everything for you. But we do not follow a standard route. Therefore, you decide which tasks you want to outsource and which you want to keep under your own management. We like to spar with you.


Bricks don’t move, it is a long-term matter. Of personal contact and of deep knowledge about your property. The Steens Beheer team likes customization and delivers this to private investors and real estate companies throughout The Netherlands. We can arrange all aspects of management for you and ensure a continuous return on your real estate portfolio. Our company is privately owned. Steens Beheer consists of a permanent team of skilled professionals, each with their own expertise. In short: a matter of confidence.


With your personal log-in code, you have access to your portfolio wherever and whenever you want, providing you an up-to-date database. In your file you will not only find all static information, such as reports, contracts and tenant information, but you will also see the financial flows; real-time and you can check the financial reports. So complete openness of things. It is a very practical tool, but not a substitute for personal contact.


Our office is often successful for clients in purchase or sales processes of both residential portfolios and commercial real estate. Whether it concerns smaller or large transactions, we also advised, negotiated and take care of due diligence processes.


We work for multiple private investors and investment firms. Each with different wishes and preferences. Because of our flexible attitude we can be of service to almost every client. With our company, the service is tailor-made for each client.


Mr. G.P.A. van de Kamp founded Steens Beheer in 1975. The first registration at the Chamber of Commerce dates from 1 July. Coming from the management of Van de Kamp’s Department store, he founded his new company, namely managing real estate for private investors in particular. Some of the houses, where he picked up the rent once a week after the war, are still under our care to this day. The name-giver has been his wife, M.P. Steens. This name sounded better as a company name than his own last name. As far as we are concerned, this is an excellent choice to this day.